Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Some photos from the opening night.

The exhibition was at the Chapman Gallery in the University of Salford. This gallery is curated and managed by the Art Units within the University and has been showcasing student, national and international Artists since the mid 1980's. The 19th May was the annual 'European museums night', when Museums from over Europe extend their activities into the night. We felt that since it coincides with our show, we should use this date for our opening and expand out further with selected performances by Artists whose work with sound.

We selected 3 performances that represent different attitudes to noise and sound, perhaps throwing a 'spanner in the works', making a lot of sound at an exhibition that discuses opinion on something quiet to a cacophony of meandering. Performers were:

Chris Gladwin (UK): acoustic noise machines
Emma Hart & Benedict Drew (UK): Untitled 2
Claus van Bebber & Michael Vorfeld (DE): schallplattenkonzert und Lichtspiele

I will post short clips soon, until then, here are some pictures.

Ben & Helmut

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